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Giving FAQs

It’s easy to give a tax-deductible donation to Tanner Dance. Check out the many ways you can make a difference:

Arts In Education


The Tanner Dance Arts in Education program reaches about 30,000 students and teachers a year through residencies, performances, workshops and published curriculum. The Side-By-Side Program sends trained dance specialists to over 20 schools each week to work with classroom teachers to integrate core curriculum into engaging dance classes. The Children’s Dance Theatre performs in assemblies at six schools a year and offers free concert matinees to thousands of students. Tanner Dance offers multiple professional development workshops throughout the year to teachers who are hoping to incorporate the arts into classroom learning. To allow these important programs to reach more students and teachers each year, donate here.

Arts in Education Report 2016-2017

Scholarship Fund

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Tanner Dance offers nationally-recognized creative dance classes from expert teachers with live music. Give more families the opportunity to participate in these classes by donating here.

General Support

theater performance

The General Development Fund covers school matinee performances, preschool programs and other important Tanner Dance programs. Donate here.


Learn more about what exactly happens at Tanner Dance:

Tanner Dance Brochure and Building Utilization Report 2016


Donations also accepted over the phone and by mail. Please make checks out to the University of Utah. Thank you!

Tanner Dance Program

1721 Campus Center Drive Room 1121

Salt Lake City, UT 84112


Tanner Dance would not be able to survive without the generous contributions of individual and institutional donors:


$50,000 & Above
Angela and Zeke Dumke
Ivory Homes
Salt Lake County Zoo, Arts, & Parks
Amanda and Harris Simmons
Sorenson Impact Foundation
Utah State Legislative funding through the Utah State Board of Education Professional Outreach Programs in the Schools (POPS)

Bonnie Jean and Brent Beesley
R. Harold Burton Foundation
Lawrence T. and Janet T. Dee Foundation
National Endowment for the Arts
Utah Division of Arts & Museums

Chris and Alison Anderson
Art Works for Kids
Fredrick H. Barth Foundation
Misha Bergman
Kenneth and Karen Buchi
Susan and David Carlebach H/Tina Misaka and Ashley Boyack
Bill Evans
Amy and Matthew Gardner
Goldman Sachs Bank
USA Holdings LLC
Katherine Kennedy and John Yoon
Sid and Pat Mulcock
Marina O’Neill-James and David James
Larry H. Miller Charities
Prader-Willi Utah Association
Ayliffe and Frederic Ris
Salt Lake City Arts Council
Barbara Graves and Bob Schackmann
John and Patricia Seybolt
Dave and Geri Thomas

Rebecca Meadows Anderson and Nathan Anderson
Mike Bates and Phoenix Ostermann
Dadiva Foundation
Louanne Ferrin Davis and Robert Davis
Jana and Thomas Dearden
Nicole and Alexis Deforge
Spencer F. and Cleone P. Eccles Family Foundation
Ms. Sue A. Heath
Michelle and George Hofmann
IBM International Foundation
Jodi and Ryan Kirkham
Beverlie and Ron Latimer
Tish and David Lester
Pat and Dennis Lombardi
Sydnee and Rich Madsen
Mariana and John McNamara
Cynthia Char Ong and Luke Ong
Ann W. Orton and J. Spencer Kinard
Kathy and Dave Peterson
Marilyn and Reed Randall
Claudia and Ford Scalley
Alice and Kevin Steiner
Lisa and Sid Thornton
Kathryn and Mark Van Wagoner
Jim and Carol Warburton

Laurel Cannon Alder and Nathan Alder
Melanie and Timothy Dance
Ciel Hunter
Geri and Paul Kilpatrick
Gene and Dick Klatt
Mary Catherine and Jason Perry H/Rachel Perry and Charlotte Perry
Madeline & Samuel Rencher
Chris and Tina Romney
Michael R. Scott and Loretta G. Falvo-Scott
Marilyn and Kyle Taft H/Rachel Hope Taft

Joshua Allen
Daryl and Steve Barrett
Tina and Tim Brown
Scott Anderson and Cynthia Burrows
AJ and Tom Etzel
Melissa and David Faber
Tanya Flores H/Alessandra Nolasco
Carol and Dan Fults
Rosanne and Gary Henderson H/Mary Ann Lee
Bob and Tina Herman
Chara Huckins-Malaret
and Carl Malaret
Monika and Reza Jalili
Lynn Koshland and Sandy Meek
Mary Ann Lee
Nettie and Joseph Linton
Ms. Karen McLeese
Heather and Matthew Murri
Alison Pitt and Mark Harrington H/Geraldine Kilpatrick
Mary Frances and Christopher Rich
Ruth Ann Robson
Marjorie and Gregory Spencer
Judy Stagg
Tolga Tasdizen
Susan Tillman
Jacqueline Wittmeyer and Christopher Hill
Kim and Joe Wolfenbarger
Ruth and Gary Wright

Corinne Cannon
Martin and Laura deLannoy H/Caroline deLannoy
Rebecca Gibson
Elaine and Hiro Iwasaki H/Miss Tina Misaka
Mary and Calvin Jackson
Jennifer Killpack Knutsen
and Reinard Knutsen
Kelly and Rich Miller
Valerie and Ralph Nagasawa
Stephanie and Rich Nydegger
Liz O’Gara
Liz and Morgan Scalley
Stephanie and David Tanner
Diana Neal Timothy
Martha and John Veranth
Julie Wilson M/Alexa Margaret McClure

The Tanner Dance Legacy Society recognizes valued donors who have made a gift for the future through planned and estate gifts.
Boyer and Pat Jarvis

Adelaide Elementary School
art works for kids!
Ballet West
Beacon Heights Elementary School
Bonneville Elementary School
Canyons School District
Carl Sandburg Elementary School
The Christmas Box House
Davis School District
Early Light Academy Charter
Granger Elementary School
Granite School District
Guadalupe School
Highland Park Elementary School
Hillside Middle School
Indian Hills Elementary School
Jordan School District
Lincoln Elementary School
Morningside Elementary School
National Endowment for the Arts (NEA)
Oakridge Elementary School
Open Classroom
Repertory Dance Theatre
Ririe Woodbury Dance Company
Rowland Hall
Salt Lake City Arts Council
Salt Lake City School District
Salt Lake County Zoo, Arts, & Parks Program
Sorenson Legacy Foundation
Uintah Elementary School
University of Utah College of Fine Arts & Youth Arts Division partners
Utah Division of Arts & Museums
Utah State Legislative funding through the Utah State Board of Education Professional Outreach Programs in the Schools (POPS)
Weber School District
Washington Elementary School
Westbrook Elementary School