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Professional Development is an integral part of all of the Tanner Dance programs. Over the past several years, Professional Development has emerged as one of our most important areas of research and development and will continue to be so as we look to the future. Currently, a wide range of Professional Development activities encourage communication between educators and artists, provide new approaches and opportunities for teaching and learning, and strengthen the impact of our programs in each school. In collaboration with community partners such as the National Endowment for the Arts (NEA), Utah State Office of Education,
the Utah Arts Council, Salt Lake City Arts Council, Utah school districts, art works for kids!, and many other partners, Tanner Dance’s Professional Development Program offers a variety of training and mentoring opportunities, as well as resources, to help educators develop new ways to stimulate learning in the arts and make connections between the various art forms and other curriculum areas. The Professional Development Program provides a framework for educators to engage in teaching and learning activities that support the needs of their students while implementing the Utah State Fine Arts Core Curriculum and prevailing state and federal mandates. The Tanner Dance Program is pleased to have been
awarded Utah’s Best of State Award in the Educational/Training Institution category for its contributions to teacher training.