Disabilities Programs for Children and Adults

//Disabilities Programs for Children and Adults
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Donate here to support Tanner Dance programs for students with disabilities. 

Dancers with Disabilities Classes for Children and Young Adults

Every person deserves the opportunity to dance! Dancers with Disabilities classes are for children and young adults who wish to experience the joy of moving and self-expression. The class includes appropriate technique exercises for the whole body, and dancers explore shape, space, rhythm, and movement quality. Teachers use literature and other springboards that they creatively weave into the class. All classes have live accompaniment by experienced and engaging musicians. The DwD classes have the opportunity to perform at Kingsbury Hall in a year-end performance. For more information, please contact Joni Wilson at joni.wilson@utah.edu.

Fall/Spring Studio Classes for Dancers with Disabilities

Programs for Adults with Disabilities


Elevate Theater Company is a performing group for adults with disabilities ages 15 + to learn and perform musical theater repertoire. Learn more and register here.

The 2017-2018 Elevate Theater Company’s registration is now closed. For more information regarding this program or to be put on a wait list, please e-mail marymartha.ostler@utah.edu.   

The LEADD Program (Learning and Engaging through Arts Discipline and Development) is our an arts and education program for adults with disabilities that takes place on weekday afternoons. Learn more and register here.

This class is currently full. For any questions or to be placed on a wait list, please contact Mary-Martha Ostler at marymartha.ostler@utah.edu or 801-587-1750. 


Thank you to the generous supporters of these programs:


George S. and Dolores Doré Eccles Foundation

Numerous Individual Donors