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CDT Concert 18 Rehearsal Packet

Lec Dem 2017-2018 Schedule and Sign Ups

CDT students are required to participate in at least one lec dem each school year with the accompanying rehearsal. Please see all of the lec dems for this year with sign ups below. These are the only lec dems we have scheduled for the year, so sign up soon so you get the spot you want!
Westland Elementary: Friday, January 19, 2018
2nd-3rd       Sign Up Here
4th              Sign Up Here
5th              Sign Up Here
6th and up  Sign Up Here
Eastlake Elementary: Friday, February 9, 2018
2nd-3rd       Sign Up Here
4th              Sign Up Here
5th              Sign Up Here
6th and up  Sign Up Here


Elfwyn’s Saga DVD and Digital Download 

The 2017 CDT Concert Elfwyn’s Saga DVD is now available for purchase or for digital download.
Purchase the DVD Here or Download Here

Volunteer Opportunities:

Class Coordinators

It’s time for class coordinator sign-ups! Class Coordinators assist the office and the class teachers in various communications and events. This includes:

1. Calling families in the early spring to schedule costume fittings for the spring concert (the office will initiate this process with you).
2. Working with teachers to meet any class needs.
3. Class coordinators for odd year grades (3rd grade, 5th grade, etc.) will organize a class basket for the In Accord Silent auction in January.

4. (Optional) Assist teacher with the last-day-of-class party or plan a separate class community-building event.

This is a great way to get in volunteer hours from home! Class coordinators may record an hour of volunteer service for every hour they spend performing class coordinator duties.

Volunteer Opportunities: Drop-Off/Pick-Up Safety Patrol

We would love your help patrolling drop-off and pick-up outside during peak class changeover times on Mondays and Thursdays at 6:00 and 7:30 pm during this first month of classes. Volunteers oversee drop-off and pick-up outside while teachers attend to classes. Shifts are no longer than a half hour, and volunteers may log an hour for every shift they take. Thanks in advance for your help!

Class Registration

In addition to regular CDT classes, we encourage all CDT students to supplement their training with ballet whenever possible. Students receive 20% off each additional class they take. View and register for ballet classes here.

Youth Protection Training

At least one parent from each CDT family is required to complete it in person this year (the parent who will be most involved with the studio i.e. monitoring, studio carpool driving, etc.), and it shouldn’t take longer than 30 minutes. As you attend one of these trainings, coordinators will collect your information and report your attendance to Tanner Dance. Credit is nontransferable between parents, meaning if one parent completes the training and background check, the other will not be able to participate in volunteer opportunities involving children like monitoring, carpool driving, etc. Please reach out to the office if you still need to complete training.


Background Checks

In addition to the training, at least one parent from each family (the parent who will be most involved with the studio i.e. monitoring, studio carpool driving, etc.) is required to initiate a background check, which will last for three years. Credit is nontransferable between parents. The check costs $13, and that amount will be reimbursed to families who completed their 20 hours of volunteer service at the end of the school year. Families who would like to be reimbursed after recording their 20 hours on Track It Forward should submit a request for reimbursement to

The University also accepts documentation of a background check from a public school through a local school district from the past three years in lieu of this. You may send that documentation to

Start a Background Check

After you have paid for a background check, Tanner Dance will automatically submit the request for you. Please look for an email from Certiphi to complete your background check. 


Volunteer Recording System

Volunteer opportunity sign-ups and hours recording are now handled through TrackItForward.comThe 20 hour requirement will start over at the beginning of September. Use the form below to record volunteer hours.

Track It Forward Instructions


Feel free to reach out with questions!

Tanner Dance Office

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