Professional Development Workshop Credit Information

/Professional Development Workshop Credit Information
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USOE Credit:

No charge for processing.

0.5 credits awarded for participating in all workshops and completing 4 lesson plans.  

Recorded in OnTrack through the USBE.


University of Utah Credit:

Credit Fee:  $160-Fall/ $160-Spring

1 credit awarded for participating in fall workshops and completing 2 lesson plans.

1 credit awarded for participating in spring workshops and completing 2 lesson plans.

Recorded in OnTrack through the USBE.

Participants will complete a University of Utah credit form that will be provided at the last workshop.

Participants will receive a grade from the University of Utah for this class and a transcript from the University of Utah will be available.


Re-licensure Points Only:

No charge.

Total hours possible: 11 hours

1.5 points for each workshop attended.  One-half point for each lesson plan written and implemented in the classroom.

Participants seeking re-licensure points only are not required to complete the 4 lesson plans but can if they would like more points.  

Recorded in OnTrack through the USBE.  

Please check with your district to verify policies and procedures on re-licensure.  


Year-Long Workshop Assignment Information & Requirements for USBE & University of Utah Credit

  1. Plan, prepare, and implement 4 lesson plans in your classroom based on the information gained in the Tanner Dance workshops to be held in October, November, December, January and February. Lesson plans should be typed and e-mailed to Tatiana Mixco at Tanner Dance will provide workshop participants with a lesson plan template.
  2. Record the implementation process with video or photography. If you use photography, prepare a photo journal of the process of implementation to give to the Tanner Dance office. The photo journal should include a brief written description of the implementation process and accompany the lesson plan.  You may print up your photo journal to submit in hard copy or you may e-mail it or bring it on a DVD, CD, or flash drive.  DVDs, CDs, and flash drives may be returned at a later date upon request.
  3. As part of the implementation process for each lesson plan, after you have taught the lesson plan to your students, please allow for your students to reflect or journal about their experiences.  Either submit in writing a summary of your students’ reflections or if you have them complete journals, please submit photo copies of the journals to Tanner Dance with your written lesson plan.  
  4. You should also write a journal entry following your implementation to reflect on the implementation process. How did you feel the students reacted? How effective was this process as a teaching tool? What would you do again? What would you change? Write a brief summary and submit in writing or via e-mail with your written lesson plan.  Be sure to summarize your personal reflections on professional growth, the impact of the workshops on your teaching, the impact of integrating the arts into academic learning, and the growth that you have gained from participating in this workshop series.
  5. Participants seeking USBE or University of Utah credit are required to attend the final workshop in March and share one of your written lesson plans with the other workshop participants, as well as share some of your reflective journal writing.  If you wish to show photos or a video during your presentation, please bring a computer or a flash drive with the files.

If you are seeking USBE or University of Utah credit, we are unable to process this credit until all lesson plans have been received.  Lesson plans should be submitted by no later than Tuesday, May 1, 2018. In general, it will take approximately 2-3 weeks for the credit to be posted to OnTrack upon completion of all workshops and the required course work.  Relicensure credit is also recorded in OnTrack through the USBE. A certificate of completion is generated through the OnTrack system.  Tanner Dance is unable to provide an additional certificate or documentation.

If you have questions regarding workshop credit, please contact Tatiana Mixco at or (801) 587-3726.