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Program Director: Monika Jalili

My two year old son was my inspiration for creating La Maison des Enfants. I wanted him to be immersed in the French language before entering elementary school since the best time for a child to learn a foreign language is between the ages of zero and four. My introduction to the French language began at the age of two when my family moved from New York City to Luxembourg. I have a degree from Columbia University in French Literature and from The Manhattan School of Music in Music/Voice. I taught French in NYC to children ages three through ten and later to high school students.

My husband and I moved from New York to Salt Lake six years ago and we are loving it!

Our philosophy at La Maison des Enfants is learning while having fun…..and in French.

Associate Director: Magdalena Kovacsovics

My name is Magdalena Kovacsovics. I am married and I have twin daughters who are 15 years old. We moved to Salt Lake City four years ago from Portland Oregon.

I am Swiss and I grew up in Geneva where I went to Medical School. I have mostly worked in research. My main research interest is to understand how the immune system can be triggered to fight cancer.

As my daughters were raised in the USA, I became aware of the importance of learning a language at an early age. As we are a French-speaking family, they are both fluent in French, which also helps them to learn additional languages.  I strongly believe that it is much easier to learn another language at a younger age.


Teacher : Nora Lebohec

Nora Lebohec

My name is Nora Lebohec. I grew up in France where I did all of my schooling, including graduating high school with a baccalauréat in math and physics while simultaneously studying English, German, Latin and ancient Greek.  I then went on to the Sorbonne University in Paris, France where I majored in Music. I worked in several places related to music and show business until I moved to the south of France in 1995 because of my husband’s work. We moved to Japan in 1997, to the US in 1998, and to Salt Lake City in 2007. 

I have worked in preschool classrooms as well as all grades from kindergarten through 8th grade. My preschool experience includes working at a daycare from 2000 to 2002 and taking care of children from ages 3 weeks to 5 years old. Each age group had a different setting, including a preschool for the 4 and 5 year olds. In 2007, I began volunteering at the Open Classroom in the Avenues in Salt Lake City and then became a substitute teacher there in 2011. And, I have been caring for my own 4 children.

I would be honored to help your children get the right start in life.

Teacher: Juliette Ainsworth

I was born in a tiny village in the Champagne region in France. At 24 years old, I went to Sri Lanka to volunteer after the country was hit by a tsunami. After that, I lived in South Korea and Zambia, and then came to settle in the U.S. in New Hampshire. I moved to Salt Lake City a year ago with my husband, my 14 year old daughter, and my 8 year old son. I have a studio where I make jewelry from vintage tin and silver and have been selling my work at the Park City Silly market. I am also taking classes at the SLCC where I am majoring in education. I enjoy sharing my love of the French language and culture with the children at the Maison des Enfants.


Teacher: Laurence Delafraye

My name Is Laurence Delafraye. I’m married alaurence-delafraye-photond have 2 daughters. I grew up and studied in France close to Paris. I obtained my baccalaurėat with a specialty in German language studies. I had the opportunity to learn and adapt to the many different regions in France, as well as, to our new life here in the U.S . During these different stages of my life, I worked as a teacher assistant, and as a bank agent. I also worked in sales in the newspaper industry. My last job prior to teaching was as an employee of the French government, helping people find employment. In 2008, my husband received an opportunity to come work and live here in Utah. Since then, I’ve been taking care of my children, while teaching them French and helping them integrate into the American life. I became involved in my daughters’ schools, working as a volunteer both in the 1st grade class, and teaching French in the 3rd grade class.

I’m really happy and excited to be part of this wonderful program and I hope children will love the French language as I love it !