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Ballet Dance Students

Ballet students are required to wear the following ballet uniform:

Girls: Dark-colored leotard, pink or peach tights, and pink ballet slippers (canvas or leather, full or split sole)

Hair should be pulled away from the face and secured to the head.

Boys: T-shirts with tights or shorts and black ballet slippers (canvas or leather, full or split sole)


Creative Dance Students

Dancers are required to come to every class in appropriate dance attire that is clean and in good repair.

Girls: a leotard and footless tights, jazz pants, or a unitard. Appropriate attire for girls does not include sweatpants, shorts, large t-shirts, or tops that show bare midriffs.

Boys: a leotard or close-fitting t-shirt with dance pants, tight sweatpants, athletic or biker shorts, or a unitard.

Creative Dance Students dance barefoot. Please arrive to class with clean feet.


Jazz Dance Students

Dancers may wear a close-fitting t-shirt, tank, or leotard and tights, jazz pants, or yoga pants. No bare midriffs.

Jazz Dance Students wear jazz shoes (not sneakers) or Dance Paws.


Hip Hop Dance Students

Shoes must be clean and have non-marking soles. No bare midriffs.